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Include the PHP.

composer require wpstarter/livewire

Include the JavaScript for WordPress page layout

use WpStarter\Wordpress\Facades\Livewire;

Include the JavaScript for full page layout


Create a component

Run the following command to generate a new Livewire component called counter.

php artisan make:livewire counter

Running this command will generate the following two files:

  • app/Http/Livewire/Counter.php
  • resources/views/livewire/counter.blade.php

Include the component

Think of Livewire components like Blade includes. You can insert <livewire:some-component /> anywhere in a Blade view and it will render.

<!-- resources/views/welcome/shortcode.blade.php -->
Shortcode view

Livewire docs

Checkout the official Laravel Livewire documentation to learn how to take your application to the next level with interactive Livewire components.